Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas Eve, Day & Night

For Christmas Eve, my parents and I were invited to the Voelkers, along with some of the other missionaries.  It was such a nice evening spending time with friends and family and enjoying the Christmas season.


The Portuguese traditional Christmas holiday cake - Bolo Rei [King Cake]

Sweet Joyce and me!

Cal led us in singing some Christmas carols.

Doug and Dad read the Christmas story from Luke 2.  Dad would read a verse in English, then Doug would read the verse Portuguese.  It was a really neat experience.  (I think Mom was straining to understand the Portuguese. :-)

Christmas day we joined the Rachevskys, along with some of the other missionaries.

We had such great night of fellowship and a couple of "small world" experiences, too!  It turns out that Miriam, who is Canadian, went to the Bible school and seminary started by Dad's college advisor and long time friend, Gerry Benn.  Doug, who also happens to be Canadian, went to school with Rick & Mick Vigneulle!

On the way home, there was a four-legged road block we waited for to clear.

Later that night, we attended the Christmas party for the Field Council (all the ABWE missionaries in the greater Lisbon area).  Another great time that included a time of games, white elephant gift exchange, singing Christmas carols, fellowshipping, and of course, eating!

A game of Taboo with Christmas themed words.



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Singing at the Nursing Home

I was excited to be given the opportunity to sing at an evangelical nursing home in the area.  This was arranged a few weeks prior to the event, which was thought to be on a Sunday.  I was called on the Saturday prior and informed there had been a mix up, and it was in a few hours; would I still be able to make it?  That particular Saturday my schedule was flexible enough that I could.  So by the time we got there, found parking, made it into what turned out to be a very crowded chapel, and found out the schedule, I was on in about 10 minutes!  During that 10 minutes we were repeatedly urged to move closer to the side door entrance which is connected to the main lobby.  Later, we found out why.  An ambulance was coming to take a resident to the hospital due to having swine flu!  Yes, it was over here, too.

We were going to slip in the back since we were running late, but the chapel was packed and overflowing!

What I understood was going to be a small gathering of the residents, turned out to be a Christmas program that the residents and their families had been invited to.  So, I started getting a little nervous when I saw the crowd!

I sang "O Holy Night" a capella.  The Lord helped me hit the high notes despite my nerves!

 ABWE missionary Doug Fry serves on the board for the nursing home and was asked to bring a devotional for the service.

There was a sale table of items that the residents had made.

Portugal is one of the world's largest producers of cork.  These bookmarks are made of cork with Scripture verses on them (in Portuguese of course!).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

GLCA Elementary Christmas Party - 2009

Our elementary of 17 students enjoyed a Christmas party that included watching a movie, playing musical chairs and enjoying a delicious snack time!

A future GLCA student, Noah Rachevsky


Havin' some fun!

My girls

My boys

A Little Christmas Decorating in Miss Peters' Room

We did a little Christmas decorating with some window gels, garland and faux snow.




Tammy and Meredith Visit Samora

Thanksgiving weekend Tammy McComb and I drove over to Samora (a town about 45 minutes away) and spent the weekend with ABWE missionaries, the Rusts.  When Tammy taught at GLCA the last two years, she assisted them with their church plant and also joined them in participating in a community band.  This particular weekend, Pastor Cortner was the guest preacher.  It was a great culmination to such a wonderful week at the conference/retreat!

I passed the keys to Tammy since she is much more familiar with getting to Samora.  However, I forgot to move the seat back for her!  Sorry, Tam!

John and Marilyn Rust leading in worship.

I John 1:5-9

Marcio is ready for kids' church to begin!

Pastor Cortner preaching as Miguel translates his message into Portuguese.

Two of the members - Cordeiro and Tose

Kathy Cortner chatting with Miguel's wife, Isabel.

Neide and Marilyn

Marcio was eager to share his kids's church craft with Pastor Cortner.

Tammy the Lovely, Marcio the Ham, Eliel the Proper

The Rusts kindly hosted a delicious lunch for us after the service.

The next few pictures are from another Sunday that I attended this church.  I helped Marilyn out with kids' church.  Meet Marcio's little brother, Goncalo.

Marcio was interested in the toys...

...Goncalo was interested in the basket!

Cute and precious little guy!  I wanted to take him home!