Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Reflections

It has been a good week!  We are growing together as a class with learning adventures inside the classroom and out!  There is the typical reading, writing and 'rithmetic, of course, as well as, the study of Jesus life and work, specifically focusing this week on the call of the disciples, which resulted in a fun edible project and theme related singing.  Outside on the playground multiple discoveries of the wonders of nature were made, including ... a snake.  I was rather surprised when the kids heard there was a snake, they all went running down to see it...while Miss Peters took great efforts to remain calm and keep them away from the snake.  Thankfully, Principal Voelker appeared by divine appointment, and I informed him of the unwanted visitor.  Being an Iowa farm boy with 5 brothers, he calmly walked down, picked up a rock to hold its head to the ground while he picked up the tail then used his foot to ground its brains into the concrete.  Totally grossed me out, but it was a great visual demonstration of what Jesus will do one day to Satan's head!!

What lessons will this week hold???


  1. Great lesson with a "natural" visual. Thanks for NOT posting photos. :o)
    ~Heather Woosley

  2. Yikes!!! I would've made a fool of myself sceeching...