Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Play on Harriet Tubman

In March the elementary put on a play about the life of Harriet Tubman.  The kids worked very hard and did a great job!  I enjoyed co-directing the play with Nancy Dubois, the 1st/2nd grade teacher.  It was a new experience for me being on that side of the script, and I learned so much and treasure the experience!

Welcoming the parents and high school and introducing the play.

Harriet being taken away to work at another plantation.

Working for her new mistress who expects a lot!

Harriet back with her original master

Mean Mr. Brotus  :-)

Rit (Harriet's mom) and Harriet talking

Harriet working hard along with the other field hands

Daddy Ben (Harriet's father) giving her some final words of
wisdom before she tries to escape on the Underground Railroad

The slave catchers!

Mr. Trent, an abolitionist, giving assistance to Harriet
as she makeshere way on the Underground Railroad

Bravo Elementary!!

Flowers were given to the directors.  How sweet!

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