Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tammy and Meredith Visit Samora

Thanksgiving weekend Tammy McComb and I drove over to Samora (a town about 45 minutes away) and spent the weekend with ABWE missionaries, the Rusts.  When Tammy taught at GLCA the last two years, she assisted them with their church plant and also joined them in participating in a community band.  This particular weekend, Pastor Cortner was the guest preacher.  It was a great culmination to such a wonderful week at the conference/retreat!

I passed the keys to Tammy since she is much more familiar with getting to Samora.  However, I forgot to move the seat back for her!  Sorry, Tam!

John and Marilyn Rust leading in worship.

I John 1:5-9

Marcio is ready for kids' church to begin!

Pastor Cortner preaching as Miguel translates his message into Portuguese.

Two of the members - Cordeiro and Tose

Kathy Cortner chatting with Miguel's wife, Isabel.

Neide and Marilyn

Marcio was eager to share his kids's church craft with Pastor Cortner.

Tammy the Lovely, Marcio the Ham, Eliel the Proper

The Rusts kindly hosted a delicious lunch for us after the service.

The next few pictures are from another Sunday that I attended this church.  I helped Marilyn out with kids' church.  Meet Marcio's little brother, Goncalo.

Marcio was interested in the toys...

...Goncalo was interested in the basket!

Cute and precious little guy!  I wanted to take him home!

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