Friday, January 15, 2010

Parents' Night Out!

On Wednesday night the week of the conference, Tammy McComb, Miriam Tyers and I hosted evening activities for the kids so that parents could enjoy an evening out with just grown-ups. :-)

Matthew and Rafael hanging out until the movie starts.

Estefania playing peekaboo with Josiah.

Look at those big blue eyes!

Kati amused by Matthew's intrigue with his dinner.

Tammy McComb with Olivia, Josiah and Keegan

Keegan and me

Aunt Miriam, Ellen and Estefania playing a game

Ellen making a card for Mom

Olivia and Kati working on cards, too

The teens were a great help assisting with snack time and the little ones!

Little Noah really got into the movie.  He stood like that for about 45 minutes!

Estefania smiling beautifully and Keegan assisting his sister Tori with her smile

Maddie & Me

I think Tammy is tired

When I told the girls I would give manicures to those who wanted them, there was an unexpected, overwhelming chorus of squeals!

They enjoyed all the pink, sparkles and flower stickers!

It was a great night...but we were worn out by the end!

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