Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Not-So-Quiet-nor-Uneventful Day

Some work had to be done on part of the gutters that are just above some of our classroom windows.  To help secure the scaffolding outside, the workmen had to put a brace in our window.  I prayed more than once for the workmen; the scaffolding made me nervous.  Thankfully, the workmen didn't seem bothered by being up over 30 feet in the air on a not-that-wide metal plank!

Needless to say, the class was buzzing with excitement and interest of it all and not so much in what was scheduled in my lesson plans.  So we made the most of it and chatted a little with the workmen via a couple of the kids translating to/from Portuguese.  I asked the boys to ask him if he would mind if we got a picture with him.  He didn't mind at all.

It was also Estefania's birthday, and her mom brought yummy cupcakes and juice for us at the end of the day!

Oh what an exciting day!!


  1. Just saw your comment! No, married with kids and doesn't speak English. Thanks for thinking of me though, Debbie!!! :D