Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Sheepish Walk

In showing my new neighbor and colleague, Naomi, around, I thought she might enjoy a nice walk through our village.  As we rounded a bend in the road, we came upon a four-footed traffic jam...and were thoroughly amused and entertained by it!  Naomi grew up on a dairy farm, her father being a third generation farmer, so the traffic jam observations were very informative thanks to her!

The one goat at the back looks like he is velcroed to the side of the hill!

They made their way down to the pasture.

We had fun!  It was especially enlightening to have the 2006 New Brunswick Southern District 4-H Queen along.  She could tell me all about the sheep!

By the time we walked back, this herd made time going down and around the hillside to another pasture!

It was funny to also think how Europe's largest mall is about 15 minutes from here! :-)

We'd never seen a rainbow quite like this - seeming to come straight down from the sky and so broad (look at in comparison to the buildings!)

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