Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just a few more days!

Monday, the 24th, at 11:20am I will be flying out of Birmingham headed to Lisbon!  With layovers in Detroit and Frankfurt, Germany along with time changes, I will arrive in Lisbon at 11:25am...Tuesday!  It is hard for me to believe that my departure is just a matter of a few days away.  August 24th seemed forever away for so long, but it now has seemed to arrive in the blink of an eye!

Packing proceedings are coming along.  The boxes that line my walls could probably be rearranged to create a small fort with a moat around it made of Wal-Mart bags of classroom supplies.  One room could be mistaken for a retail clothier as garments are sorted, folded and neatly stacked as if on a display shelf.  Now, to get 10 months of clothes and needed school supplies into 3 suitcases....  Well, if the Lord can bring in all of my partnership within 3 months, I'm sure He can help me get all of this into 3 suitcases!

Thank you for all of the words of encouragement and expressions of kindness you have so generously poured out, especially in these last couple of weeks.  While it makes the "until next times" that much more difficult, it also bolsters my heart knowing I have such a caring support system.

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