Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Quiet Sunday

Well, with original plans of joining the Herelds today to make a second visit to the international church (English speaking), my plans had to be revamped when an encroaching sinus infection finally took over my head, throat and chest last night leaving my entire body in a great deal of pain despite medicinal measures being taken.  A good night's sleep helped, but I have needed to "lay low" for the day.  Thankfully, my internet is working so I could listen to a sermon by Pastor Harry from my home church.  Oh the blessing of podcasts!

Saturday had many blessings, as well (mainly before the sinus infection hit hard).  Our fearless leader, Cal, and his wife, Joyce, took us to the historically rich city of Belem.  The Portuguese have a great past as navigators and explorers of the world, and Belem has a number of famous sites where monumental history took place. Mosteiro do Jeronimos [Jeronimos Monastery] is the site where Vasco da Gama and his men spent the night in prayer before making their infamous voyage to India in 1492 and also where the navigator has been entombed.

This past week has had its blessings and trials, too.  Covering 11 subjects a day is getting a little easier but is still quite the juggling act.  Driving here is well, quite tough, but I did make a trip by myself to the Continente (grocery store) to use the ATM.  I started to "tempt fate" by also trying to add minutes to my cell phone at the store, but I couldn't remember my nine digit phone number.  It was ok though; I still felt great accomplishment! :-)

My students are progressing, and we are bonding as a class.  Those that have been classmates before are enjoying renewing their friendships and have also welcomed a girl who is new to GLCA this year.  Her parents, younger brother and she have been in Portugal for about 8 months and are getting adjusted.  We have been able to swap driving stories and "Have you tried...?" stories.

Over the past couple of weeks the playground ants and Star Wars light sabers have been the fascination.  This week at recess the girls have been working on designing and constructing an ant farm.  (Miss Reteinour, aren't you so proud??)  Although by the conversations from their "planning meetings," it is sounding more like an ant resort!  The boys have enjoyed "battling" each other with their toy light sabers.  It is funny how at the beginning of the week there were only one or two sabers and by the end of the week a plethora of them had appeared.  We just about had entire scenes from the movies being re-enacted!

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