Saturday, November 14, 2009

Arruda Community Choir

A few weeks ago, I began attending rehearsals of the Arruda Community Choir.  Gil Thomas, former field council director now serving in the ABWE home office, began this choir as another way to use his passion for music to build relationships with the Portuguese people in Arruda in order to share God's love.  It is a [mainly] a capella choir that performs a mix of traditional Portuguese music, along with Italian songs, American pop and others.  The interim choir director, Miguel, is a member of the Arruda church along with some of the choir members.  The other members are from the surrounding community.  If everyone were there at the same rehearsal, there would be about 20 members, but due to busy schedules, etc. the numbers are lower currently.  Rehearsals were recently changed to Tuesday evenings in hopes of it being a more convenient evening and boosting attendance.

The choir celebrated their 3rd anniversary, and one of the members made a delicious cake in honor of it!

There is a wide range of ages from Sara, the high schooler holding the cake, to the elderly gentleman behind her who faithfully comes to hold up the tenor section!  Carla, in the black jacket, is a talented, blind musician who helped Gil Thomas with some of the musical arrangements the choir performs.  Standing next to Sarah is the interim director, Miguel.  Next to Miguel is Susan Henderson, the future choir director.

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