Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quilted Water

Our 17 elementary students were involved in a project called Across the Bible.  It is a program that first began in Denmark, and Portugal is one of the countries working in cooperation with it.  Teresa Fernandes, a Portuguese Christian contact of one of our missionaries, is involved with the program by traveling around Europe speaking in public schools, as well as, Christian schools, giving a science-related presentation on water, which is then correlated to water in the Bible and the many times it is mentioned.  Students are then given the opportunity to create a visual representation of one of the "water stories" from the Bible (ex. Noah and the ark, Baby Moses, Jesus turning water into wine, etc.).  These are projects are then put on display at a special expo, where judges award prizes for the best projects.  What a creative opportunity to further the spread of God, His Word and His creation!

Our students, under the direction of our art teacher, Nancy Dubois, created a quilt to enter in the competition!

Each of the students drew a picture on a piece of cloth which was quilted by one of our other multi-talented missionaries, Marilyn Rust.

Students are pointing to the quilt piece they drew.

 A poster displaying entries from previous expos.

Some of the entries from other schools


The winning project!

Each school that participated was listed along with the art teacher in a PowerPoint presentation.

Throughout the presentation, different musical performances were given.  This is a Christian Portuguese rapper, who used his talents to communicate that Jesus is the one and only way to heaven.

Each art teacher voted on the projects entered.  ABWE missionary, Miriam Tyers, interpreting for our art teacher, Nancy Dubois, as the art teachers had to stand at the front, tell which project they voted for and why.  Nothing like being put on the spot!  Nancy handled it quite well! :-)

While our project did not win, the kids had a great time working on it.  We were all excited to help spread God's truth in our community around us!

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