Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mike Snavely and The Nature of Creation

Mike Snavely and his wife, Carrie, joined us for about a week conducting daily chapels for the elementary and high school students.  With the high school he spoke on creation vs. evolution.  With the elementary, he focused on the creative and powerful God who carefully designed our world, especially evident in the animal kingdom and insect world.  Having grown up as an MK in South Africa and later returning to work for the National Parks Service at Kruger Park in South Africa, he, of course, had wonderful stories to share about the amazing intricacies of different animals and bugs that God designed.  (God gave me the grace to get through Wednesday's chapel spent entirely on spiders...complete with PowerPoint presentation of multiple, multiple pictures of various spiders.  I appreciate what they do for us, but I would like to appreciate them from a distance.)

Learn more about his ministry at his website:

Here are some pictures from elementary chapel and the Sunday morning service at the ABWE church in Loures:

He spent a couple days on dinosaurs, which the students LOVED!


Sunday morning, three little girls sang a song.  The little guy on the left was celebrating his first birthday and being dedicated.

Baby dedication for Lucas.  They had invited extended family to the occasion to celebrate with them as well as to hear about more about God.

Pastor Betu prays a prayer of dedication over this little one.  He is a Portuguese national, who preaches at the Loures church service which is in the morning and the Arruda church service, which is in the evening.

Pastor Betu's wife, Ana, served as translator for Mike during Sunday school and the service.

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